Monday, 6 August 2012

my instagram life

Well this weekend has been all about the Olympics for me.  We were glued to the TV, it has been so exciting!

I did however manage to drag myself out of the house on the Friday night, to celebrate a friend's birthday.  Bowling was so much fun as well, and I didn't come last yay!

Here's a few little pics of my weekend...


~  neon pins....I'm coming for you...

~  birthday drinks time!

~  homemade curry for a Saturday night

~  relaxing Sunday morning with my favourite magazines  

~  a perfect Sunday with strawberries, waffles and Andy Murray winning gold!


  1. I haven't been bowling for ages! I need to go soon.

    I didn't really think I'd watch that much of the Olympics but someone always has it on and once I start watching I can't stop, and after work I usually ask if we've won any medals :D

    Lisa xx

  2. Mm those waffles look good!

    Happy Tuesday!
    xx CGB

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  3. Hi Angie! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Always fun to meet another Grey's fan :)

    That curry that you made looks delicious! I am very impressed!