Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Autumn fashion: coats #1

Autumn is just around the corner (we didn't really have a great summer here anyway, so lets just focus on having a glorious autumn!)

I love everything about this season....the knitwear....the boots...drinking hot chocolates...crunching on fallen leaves....I could go on and on.  I also love buying a new coat to start the season off in style, so have started on my quest to find the perfect one to get me through the rainy days.

Warehouse have a fantastic new range of coats that I've been drooling over.  From duffel coats to blazers to leather jackets....their selection goes on and on!  Here are a few of my favourite ones that I've currently got my eye on...

Autumn coats from Warehouse

~ a quilted waxed belted coat retailing at £85.00

~ this cropped blazer at only £45.00

~ another blazer, this time with an animal print retailing at £50.00

~ a dark red ovoid coat at £85.00

~ a classic quilted faux fur parka at £80.00

For now I'll keep looking at what other high street shops have to offer, but this certainly is a fantastic start to my search for a perfect autumn / winter coat!



  1. This is the year I hopefully find a red coat that I love! I'm excited to wear layers, but also gutted that I didn't wear many of my summer things :(

    Lisa xx

  2. great fall inspiration!

  3. I love that dark red coat! So beautiful and perfect for Fall. I'm so ready for cozy sweaters and hot coco. -Heidi

  4. This post makes me so excited for cooler temperatures and the crunch of fall leaves underneath my boots!!! I love your picks.

  5. I love the peachy coloured blazer. So pretty x
    Island Girl Insights ♥