Monday, 28 January 2013

Walkies and meatballs...

The snow has well and truly melted now (thank you sunshine / rainstorm), so we made the most of being able to walk on the pavement without the fear of slipping on the icy paths and landing flat on our bums (yes, I have done this unfortunately...thanks very much patch of ice right outside my car). 

Here's a little recap of my weekend!

- We also took a trip to IKEA.  We had a small list of 4 things we wanted...but ended buying so much more.   It's so easy to just stuff things in your trolley when the price is so cheap isn't it? 

While we were in IKEA...we couldn't leave without buying some meatballs could we?  This delicious purchase resulted in hubby making a Swedish inspired lasagna for tea last night.  Meatball lasagna is the future.

- I was also busy admiring all the gorgeous frocks from yesterday's SAG awards.  Jennifer Garner was looking foxy in gold, also I loved how elegant Jennifer Lawrence looked.  So to recap....if you're called Jennifer I was pretty much drooling over your gorgeousness!

How was your weekend?


Friday, 25 January 2013

Friday fancies...

Whenever I'm stuck for ideas on what to wear, I always reach for these two colour combinations - black and white. 

black and white

This whole outfit comes from Warehouse, a fantastic high street shop that always follows trends in a classy way.  The only downfall is they can be a little on the pricey side for some items, but for staple items in your wardrobe...this is my go to shop.

Head over to Av's blog Long Distance Loving for more black and white inspired outfit ideas!

Any nice plans this weekend?  We have my hubby's dad coming to stay with us, so I'll be busy cleaning and entertaining!  Also...we're going to attempt to take Lena out for her first walk...wish us luck!  Does anyone have any tips for taking puppies out for the first time?


Thursday, 24 January 2013

In the words of...

"I am basically a feminist. I think that women can do anything they decide to do."

~ Grace Kelly


Just a little post to celebrate one of my favourite icons...

Speaking of Grace, will you be watching the upcoming 'Grace of Monaco' starring Nicole Kidman?  I'm not sure what to make of it all...but I can say I'm definitely intrigued...

Now I'm off to watch To Catch a Thief and dream of the Riviera!

Monday, 21 January 2013

My instagram life...

The weather lately has been a bit...eventful, shall we say.  We had loads of snow last Friday, so needless to say this caused a lot of fuss and problems on the roads! 

Regardless of this though...the snow sure does make everything seem a little more magical doesn't it?

Here's a quick catch up via instagram of my last few days...

 (instagram name: angie_peanuts_pearls)

Lena in her favourite corner with her cuddly friend

Delicious prawn sandwich at Machynys Spa after having a relaxing facial with my best friend

Cuddles with Lena - excuse the red nose it was freezing outside!

Playing in the garden

Hot Tomato and Lentil soup to warm me up on a Sunday

We also made an amazing coconut hot chocolate last night, thanks to one of my favourite blogs A Cup of Jo for posting this delicious recipe. 

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend too!


Wednesday, 16 January 2013

My dream life love list...

I love finding and reading blog posts that inspire me to write my own, and that is exactly what happened today.  Jess over at The Belle Lumiere has written her own dream life love list, and I loved it so much I thought I would join in.

It's about changing the little things in your life to make it better, and not getting too caught up in the big dreams which are often very difficult to achieve.  So over the course of the year, this is how I would love to visualise my life...

- I find and cook a brand new recipe every week

- I walk my dog every day

- I go for afternoon tea with my best friend once a month

- I attend a yoga class once a week

- I take pictures of my weekend adventures

- I drink a hot chocolate every Sunday night while reading my book

- I buy flowers from the local florist every Saturday morning to display in the kitchen

What would be your dream life love list?


Monday, 14 January 2013

Golden Globes fashion 2013

Browsing the fashion of the Golden Globes is a favourite hobby of mine, and something I look forward to every year.  I get even more excited about drooling over the dresses at this awards ceremony than I do about the Oscars sometimes.  It just seems so much more relaxed and people don't try as hard, but you also get the bonus of a sneak peek into the colour and trends of the year to come.

There were so many beautiful gowns last night, but here are a select few of my favourites...

Hello there Emily Blunt 

Now she is not someone I normally admire style wise, but I have to say that she stands out from the crowd this year in the amazing Michael Kors dress.  The cut of the dress....the gold colour...her elegant updo....perfection!

Claire Danes - one hot mama!

How amazing does she look in this red Versace gown?  And did she really only just give birth a few weeks ago??  I want to know her post pregnancy tips pronto. 

The wonderful Amy Adams

I might have chosen her due to my slight girl crush on her...and the fact that I watched Julie & Julia on the weekend and loved it...but I also think she looks incredible in this very, very tight Marchesa gown.  Anyone who can rock this pale pink colour gets a gold star in my eyes. 

Last but not least...Nicole Richie

I love the fact that she's gone for a long sleeved gown, showing no skin but still looking sexy (take note Miranda Kerr...).  The trend for long sleeves proved popular this year, with Kate Hudson and Naomi Watts also sporting this look, but the aqua colour and detailing of Nicole's Naeem Khan dress is a bonus for me!

                                                                       (all pics via here)

                                                           Who did you love this year?


Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Pinterest loves #4

The sun is shining brightly today (finally...after what feels like two months of non stop rain and dull grey skies) and I'm feeling in a very positive mood today. 

Flicking through gorgeous pictures on Pinterest is also making my day a lot brighter, so here's a small selection of images that are putting a smile on my face, and hope they do the same for you!

    - I have to start with a picture of a beagle puppy...of course.  How can you not love them?

                                                    - I. Want. These. Shoes. Now.

                                                - Yes, big cups of chai tea please.

    - I wish it was Spring already so that I could wear converse and swing around lamp posts with glee. 

                                              - Ah Paris, I will visit you one day, I promise.

Have a lovely Wednesday everyone!


Monday, 7 January 2013

Currently loving...January

Reading... True Grace by Wendy Leigh, a biography about the beautiful Grace Kelly.   

Watching... The Killing - series 3.  Oh. My. God.  How amazing was this series?!  And the cliffhanger at the end....I did not see that coming!  I really hope they do another series, I am truly a fan of Sarah Lund and her many jumpers.


Buying... bargains in the sale.  Got a lovely navy coat from New Look for only £25...amazing.

Loving... when Lena has her calm moments, which for a 10 week old puppy does not happen very often.  Hence the massive bags under my eyes due to lack of sleep. 

Wanting... a new juicer.  I've always enjoyed making fresh juice and smoothies in the mornings, but I think I used it so much that it broke.  Typical.  So, it's a brand new year and I need some brand new fresh juice in my life.   

What are you loving this month so far?


Friday, 4 January 2013

Friday year, new me

With us already being a few days into a brand new year (and this being the year I turn 30....eeeek...deep breaths...) I've definitely been thinking more and more about the way I dress.  I want to spend the time creating a brand new wardrobe for myself, investing in more classic pieces and not just spending money on clothes on a whim. 

Thanks to this week's Friday Fancies I've been able to visualise a typical outfit that I would love to wear on a day to day basis...

New me

A blazer and a white blouse worn together is simple and classic, but still has a young edge to it.  That is if you still want to cling on to your me. 

Paired with skinny jeans and nude pumps, I would frolic around happily in this look pretending that I'm Kate Middleton for the day (I'm not the only one who does this...or am I?)

Head over to Long Distance Loving's blog for more lovely ideas for a new you! 


Wednesday, 2 January 2013

My instagram life...and new hair!

Happy New Year! Did you have a nice evening?  We had a really quiet one this year, choosing to spend it with Lena, drinking cherry beer and watching The Killing series 3 (which is amazing).  We are officially addicted to the new series, and I can't wait to go home tonight and watch the final two episodes!

I haven't done a catch up Instagram post in a while, so I thought I would post a few little pics of what we've been up too...

                                         (instagram name: angie_peanuts_pearls)

~ lazy morning with a cup of chai tea and an even more lazy Lena

~ enjoying an amazing Christmas present - a lovely hamper

~ new hair colour for me!

~ a little karaoke and catch up with friends (great fun!)

~ loving the Winter Berry Brownie ice cream from Ben & Jerry's

~ Lena passed out before midnight on new year's eve.  What a party animal...


Back to reality today and back to work...but it's only a 3 day week for me so a nice way to ease myself back in to the routine.  I hope everyone had a lovely evening, and here's to an amazing 2013 for everyone!