Wednesday, 2 January 2013

My instagram life...and new hair!

Happy New Year! Did you have a nice evening?  We had a really quiet one this year, choosing to spend it with Lena, drinking cherry beer and watching The Killing series 3 (which is amazing).  We are officially addicted to the new series, and I can't wait to go home tonight and watch the final two episodes!

I haven't done a catch up Instagram post in a while, so I thought I would post a few little pics of what we've been up too...

                                         (instagram name: angie_peanuts_pearls)

~ lazy morning with a cup of chai tea and an even more lazy Lena

~ enjoying an amazing Christmas present - a lovely hamper

~ new hair colour for me!

~ a little karaoke and catch up with friends (great fun!)

~ loving the Winter Berry Brownie ice cream from Ben & Jerry's

~ Lena passed out before midnight on new year's eve.  What a party animal...


Back to reality today and back to work...but it's only a 3 day week for me so a nice way to ease myself back in to the routine.  I hope everyone had a lovely evening, and here's to an amazing 2013 for everyone!



  1. Love your new hair! :)

    Laura xo

  2. Arrghghgh Lena is so cute! Love the hair too x

  3. Loving the new hair - really suits you :) Hope you had an amazing New Years and good luck in going back to work :)

    Laura x

  4. happy new year angie :) your hair looks gorgeous and little lena is just too adorable! x

  5. aww puppy! There is nothing better than sharing Christmas with dogs :)

    Sarah x

  6. aww your little pup is darling!
    and I love the new hair!

  7. Aw Lena looks sooo cute, I'm really jealous!

    And I'm so behind on all my blog reading! I completely missed your wedding! I didn't realise till now, oops!

    Lisa xx