Monday, 31 December 2012


It's New Year's Eve today, and we're a few hours away now from welcoming in 2013.  I'm just sitting on my couch reflecting on the last really has felt like the months have just flown by! So much has happened, both wonderful memories and bad moments.  I started this little blog (and have been loving every moment), I also got married, spent my honeymoon in Bruges and also got my very own beagle puppy.

I'm pretty excited about the new year ahead also, and like many people out there have decided to create some resolutions.  Actually, these are not really resolutions...more like goals I would like to push myself to achieve!

- continue to blog
- develop new skills, such as learning more about html
- go on holiday (America hopefully)
- cook more, & try new recipes
- knit, knit, knit
- buy a juicer
- drink more juice (after doing above, of course)
- spend quality time with my husband and puppy!

Have you got any goals that you would like to achieve in 2013? I would love to hear them!

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Christmas wish list...

Now, I don't want a lot for Christmas (cue Mariah Carey's All I want for Christmas in all of our heads, sorry about that) what with getting married, a lovely trip to Bruges and having Lena in our lives, I've been pretty spoilt and blessed these last few months. 

However, I thought it would be fun to make a little fantasy Christmas wishlist of a few things which would put a smile on my face...

Christmas wish list

~ A nice knitted Christmas jumper to wear on the day
~ A cute little bobble hat from River Island
~ I've had my eye on those boots from Clarks for a while (I may treat myself to these!)
~ My favourite perfume at the moment - Vera Wang's Princess
~ And of course a nice big cup of tea

Only a few more shopping days left, and I still haven't finished buying presents.  I better get a move on!!


Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Meet Lena...

I would like to introduce you to the gorgeous Lena, our new puppy!

She's a beagle, and is only 8 weeks old.  It seems as though she loves nothing better than following me around the house, jumping on the Christmas tree (not so fun for me) and having nap time on the couch beside me and my hubby.

We've only had her for 4 days, and having her is already the best decision we've ever made.  She's a bundle of fun, and I can't wait for all the adventures to come!


Friday, 14 December 2012

Friday Fancies - time to sparkle!

You can't beat a bit of sparkle to glam up an outfit.  This week's Friday Fancies has come just in time for all the Christmas parties that are currently ongoing. 

Whilst I missed my own work Christmas do (as I was busy eating waffles and chocolate in Bruges, yum.  Ah well, what's a girl to do!)  However, this still hasn't stopped me dreaming of the perfect outfit to wear...

sparkle time!

Leather shorts worn together with a simple blouse is always a good combination.  I've paired this with sparkly gold shoes, to make it more appropriate and fun!

I've got some exciting news also...we're getting a puppy!  My dreams have finally come true, I've wanted a dog for so long now and it's finally the right time to get one.  In fact...we're picking her up we're in for a very exciting weekend!


Monday, 10 December 2012

my instagram life

We came back from our honeymoon last night, and had the most wonderful time.  Bruges is definitely the place to be in December if you want to start feeling all are surrounded by Christmas trees and fairy lights, and of course the Christmas market! 

Here are a few little instagram pics of our trip...

                                        (instagram name: angie_peanuts_pearls)

~ what better way to start your first night....cherry beer was my drink of choice...

~  amazing architecture all around you...

~  we even found a windmill on our walk!

~  of course, we had to stop for waffles...

~  Bruges at night is magical

~  more lovely sights around every corner

~  we took a romantic canal boat trip

~  coconut beer to finish off our last night!

Bruges is simply gorgeous and I would highly recommend a visit!


Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Currently loving...December, and a few wedding pics

So I am back...and am now a married woman!  We had the best day ever, thanks to so many of our wonderful family and friends who helped with everything and made us laugh all day.  I should be having the official wedding photographs back before Christmas, but here's a couple that were taken on the day by our lovely family and friends.

Reading... Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen.   I've only just started this, but I am loving it so far.  I haven't seen the film yet either, as I always prefer reading the book first....but I will definitely be renting this on DVD.  

Watching... I adore Girls!  I wasn't too sure to start with, but it has really grown on me lately.  Also, True Blood is always a favourite of mine.   

Buying... Christmas presents!  I haven't even started yet...but now that the wedding is over I will have more free time, so I better get started!

Loving... all the cosy knitted jumpers in H&M, is particular this one.  Perfect for Christmas!

Wanting... to enjoy my last few days of my honeymoon.  Bliss!