Monday, 10 December 2012

my instagram life

We came back from our honeymoon last night, and had the most wonderful time.  Bruges is definitely the place to be in December if you want to start feeling all are surrounded by Christmas trees and fairy lights, and of course the Christmas market! 

Here are a few little instagram pics of our trip...

                                        (instagram name: angie_peanuts_pearls)

~ what better way to start your first night....cherry beer was my drink of choice...

~  amazing architecture all around you...

~  we even found a windmill on our walk!

~  of course, we had to stop for waffles...

~  Bruges at night is magical

~  more lovely sights around every corner

~  we took a romantic canal boat trip

~  coconut beer to finish off our last night!

Bruges is simply gorgeous and I would highly recommend a visit!



  1. how gorgeous! i would love to visit bruges! your minimoon sounds perfect! and you looked stunning on your wedding day :) i can't wait to see more shots x

  2. wow beautiful photos! cherry beer and coconut beer, wow! i would love to try both of them

  3. I love instagram! Don't you? That waffle looks perfectly delicious.

  4. Wow it looks beautiful! x

  5. Gorgeous photos! The buildings reflected in the calm canal look perfect. Glad you had a good trip.

  6. These photos are lovely. I got engaged in Bruges, its such a romantic place and must be beautiful at Christmas time!

  7. Coconut beer? Now I have to try that!

    Bruges looks like a lovely place to have a honeymoon, cute and quaint :)

    Lisa xx