Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Pinterest loves #4

The sun is shining brightly today (finally...after what feels like two months of non stop rain and dull grey skies) and I'm feeling in a very positive mood today. 

Flicking through gorgeous pictures on Pinterest is also making my day a lot brighter, so here's a small selection of images that are putting a smile on my face, and hope they do the same for you!

    - I have to start with a picture of a beagle puppy...of course.  How can you not love them?

                                                    - I. Want. These. Shoes. Now.

                                                - Yes, big cups of chai tea please.

    - I wish it was Spring already so that I could wear converse and swing around lamp posts with glee. 

                                              - Ah Paris, I will visit you one day, I promise.

Have a lovely Wednesday everyone!



  1. wow beautiful!!!:)

  2. What a gorgeous puppy! :) xo

  3. oh those shoes are to die for. and i wishhh the sun was shining here today!

  4. that puppy...I can't adorable!