Friday, 30 March 2012

Monthly favourites

Can you believe it's the last day of March already?  This year is just flying by...and I still have so much I need to do before my wedding in November!

As it's the last day of March, I thought I would do a little round up of my favourite things...

* Food:
Almond milk - now I know this might not be classed as a 'food' item but I really have been loving this on my cereals so thought it made sense to include it!  It really is nutritious and has so many health benefits.  I cut out cow's milk from my diet a few year's ago and made the switch to soy milk, but now that I found this delicious milk I'll definitely be buying it more often.  I even made my own almond milk after seeing the recipe on Linda Wagner's blog, where she definitely inspired me to branch out and be more adventurous with milk!
                                                                          image via here
* Skincare:
Johnson's Daily Essential Hydrating Day Cream.  First off, I really like the packaging of this product - simple and cute, with the bonus of having SPF 15 already in the moisturiser also. It doesn't appear to have a scent (I'm not really a fan of cream's with scents!).  It really feels refreshing on the skin and does not feel heavy at all. It also lasts quite a while, bonus!


Coloured denim was huge this month!  I really like this trend though, and think it's perfect for spring.  I've got my eye on these coral skinny ones from Dorothy Perkins, now only £20.00

If anyone is doing a monthly favourites let me know, I'd love to read them.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!



  1. Love those adorable jeans!


  2. I love soya milk- quickly becoming addicted to chocolate oat milk, almond and hazlenut too. Poor WholeFoods must be sick of me! x

    1. haha i'm the same don't worry!yet to try hazelnut milk though, that's the next one on my list!