Friday, 2 March 2012

Five things Friday

I know the recent Burberry Prorsum Fall 2012 show received mixed reviews from the media, but I happen to love it!  The collection was very ladylike chic, full of tweed and autumn colours such as browns and greens, and also filled with gorgeous bags and shoes.  Sometimes tweed can a little bit ageing in my opinion, but this collection was finished with a young twist and very easy to try and replicate.   

To tell you the truth, I love anything with an owl motif, which this collection was full of - I even have a print hanging in my living room with a lovely owl in a tree...there is something about them that is so charming and quirky, I just can't get enough of them. 

In honour of my slight obsession with all things owl related, here are my current 5 things that I want this Friday...

* lets start with what sparked my obsession this week - a jumper from the Burberry collection itself worn beautifully tucked in with a tweed skirt

                                                               image via now fashion

*  this polka dot owl dress from ASOS from Paul & Joe Sister for £175 - very fun and flirty, and perfect for the upcoming spring weather!

*  moving on to accessories now - first this belt from John Lewis for £39

*  this Twitwoo cushion cover from Niki Jones is currently on sale for £30 - so cute and a bargain!

*  lastly, two of my favourite things paired together - an owl and a mug for drinking lots of tea!  This one from Very Nice Things even comes with a coaster to match, and is only £6.50