Monday, 31 December 2012


It's New Year's Eve today, and we're a few hours away now from welcoming in 2013.  I'm just sitting on my couch reflecting on the last really has felt like the months have just flown by! So much has happened, both wonderful memories and bad moments.  I started this little blog (and have been loving every moment), I also got married, spent my honeymoon in Bruges and also got my very own beagle puppy.

I'm pretty excited about the new year ahead also, and like many people out there have decided to create some resolutions.  Actually, these are not really resolutions...more like goals I would like to push myself to achieve!

- continue to blog
- develop new skills, such as learning more about html
- go on holiday (America hopefully)
- cook more, & try new recipes
- knit, knit, knit
- buy a juicer
- drink more juice (after doing above, of course)
- spend quality time with my husband and puppy!

Have you got any goals that you would like to achieve in 2013? I would love to hear them!


  1. Happy new year Angie, hope 2013 is full of happiness!

    Laura xo

  2. Happy New Year! Hope 2013's a good one :) x

  3. Happy new year if a little late! Good luck with the resolutions!