Monday, 25 June 2012

my instagram life

Well I hope everyone had a lovely weekend? 

Mine was mostly spent catching up with family, celebrating my grandad's 90th birthday (actually I call him Tadcu, which is Welsh for grandad!).  He was so happy to see the family, what an inspiration he is! 

The weather wasn't great this weekend, so we spent our nights catching up with our favourite TV shows.  I hate to admit it...but we've become quite addicted to Geordie Shore!  Has anyone else seen this show?  Oh my gosh, it is quite shocking what they get up to...but so funny at the same time!

Here's a picture recap of my weekend:

                                           (instagram name: angie_peanuts_pearls)

~ wearing my new pumps and Zara jeans

~ delicious monkfish thai green curry while out for food

~ my grandad's amazing birthday cake

~ playing with my gorgeous nephew

~ a pot of chai tea on a rainy night is just perfection



  1. Aww lovely photos, and your grandads cake is awesome. Looks like you've had a really great weekend, and I am also obsessed with Geordie Shore - shouldn't be but it's fun to watch and can't wait for the new series tomorrow :)


    1. I'm glad someone else like Georgie Shore! It's car crash tv, and so good!

  2. Those shoes look so comfy and cute. Perfect combination :)

  3. what a fun birthday cake!

    xo erica

  4. What a wonderful weekend! And I love that you call him grandad! That's what we called my dad's dad, and my dad will become grandad in December! :)

  5. Your new shoes are adorable, and I just love chai when the weather turns bad. Sounds like a fun weekend with family and friends, that cake is simply amazing!

  6. i love those bright blue jeans! and hooooray for birthdays! mine was on saturday! xoxo jillian:: enter $50 etsy gift card on cornflake dreams

  7. OMG that cake is AMAZING!!! I hope your grandad had a great day xx

  8. Love those shoes ! I lvoe this posts they are like a lot of fun!!
    I wonder if we could follow each other...

  9. yay for instagram! and that cake is absolutely incredible!!! happy birthday to your grandpa!
    xo TJ

  10. such cute photos!

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  11. that cake is amazing...I love it :D just came across your blog and wanted to say hello :)please come check out my blog some time!