Friday, 29 June 2012

Friday fancies: beachy chic

I always daydream about living by the beach....running around barefoot in a floppy hat looking like a bronzed Victoria's Secret model... 

This unfortunately doesn't happen.  A girl can dream though!

So when I found out that this week's Friday fancies is beachy chic, I nearly jumped with glee! 

A cute bikini, floppy hat and havaianas is all I would need for a sunny beach day.  Oh, and sun screen of course!

beach chic

                                  Now all I need is to book my ticket to Hawaii!



  1. I wish I lived by the beach too! Love the bikini :)

  2. Love the jean shorts and the detail on that suit.

  3. Love that bathing suit.. so adorable! We are fortunate enough to live across the street from the beach which is just amazing in the summer. Looking forward to a sand filled weekend. Happy Friday!

  4. Love it! That bathing suit is SO cute.

  5. I live near the beach, but always seem to be working on the rare sunny days we have! I would love to go to Hawaii though, and that outfit would be really cute for a walk along the beach!

    Lisamello xx

  6. That top is too cute!!
    Oh! I am your newest follower....I'd love if you'd follow me too!