Friday, 2 November 2012

Friday fancies: jumper time!

Now there's nothing I like better than wearing a comfy, warm jumper during cold days.  This purple and pink ombre knitted number is perfect for me - I adore long baggy jumpers paired up with skinny jeans.  I thought the biker boots also gives the outfit a bit of an edge.

jumper day!

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With just 3 weeks until my wedding, I'm in full final planning mode.  I have my final dress fitting tomorrow (can't wait to see my dress again!), also trying to sort out bridesmaids fittings...meeting the photographer...making the table plan and table numbers....and many many other things....phew!

What's everyone up to this weekend?



  1. 3 weeks??!! So soon! Congratulations!

  2. Have fun at your dress fitting! So exciting :)

  3. I love that black bed! And have fun with the last minute wedding things! My cousin is getting married on the 17th - it's coming so fast!

  4. Loving those boots!! I have a new obsession with biker boots!

  5. Really pretty combo! I love those boots so much!!


  6. LOVE this outfit! chunky knit + skinnies + boots = unbeatable!

    and OMG i cannot believe it's only 3 weeks until your wedding!! im so so excited for you angie :) xxx