Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Currently loving...October edition

Happy Halloween!  I'm not going to a party, but I can't wait to get home and cuddle up with a scary film.  Possibly one like I have seen it so many times and love it!  I'm not a massive fan of all the new horror ones...I much prefer the older ones from the 90's and 80's.

This month has flown by, and here is a recap of what I'm currently loving:

Reading... Between the Lines: My Autobiography by Victoria Pendleton.  To be honest I'm trying to relive the magic of the Olympics, and she is such an inspirational woman that I couldn't resist buying this book. 

Watching... so much (probably too much TV some would say...)  Loving the return of Gossip Girl, although it's just not as good as it once it's probably a good thing that this is the last series.  Fringe is also one of my favourites, I love having Pacey back on my TV! amazing is Homeland??

Buying... On the lookout for gifts for my bridesmaids, best man and ushers.  Any ideas will be gratefully received!

Loving... Homeland. Have I not mentioned this enough yet?

Wanting... a red coat for winter!



  1. completely obsessed with Fringe. I can't believe that this is the last season!

  2. I want a red coat too, so festive :) hope you had a nice Halloween!

  3. I wore my red coat today! I actually Instagrammed it I was so excited. I know how you feel about red coats. They are a necessity!