Monday, 23 July 2012

my instagram life

Well....we spent most of the weekend outside as the sunshine is officially back in Wales!  Who knows how long for this time....but I am making the most of it while this gorgeous weather lasts. 

We're also in the middle of decorating our hallway, so we had to buy lightswitches (ever so slighty boring...) but apart from that it's been a lovely few days consisting of long walks up a mountain (with some amazing views of Cardiff), sunbathing in my garden and lots of good food. 

Here's a picture recap of the last few days...

(instagram name: angie_peanuts_pearls)

~ I won a giveaway!  Here are my cute prizes...thanks Lisa!

~ I couldn't resist this cute little thing for my house

~ Haircut time....the fringe is back....

~ Homemade chickpea curry on a Friday night

~ Amazing views on a Sunday walk

~ And I also spotted some gorgeous blue flowers

I hope everyone had a good weekend?



  1. yey to a sunshine filled weekend! I hope all that sunshine lasts throughout the week! I saw your pictures on instagram I'm @chinkygirlmel. The chickpea curry looks soooo yummy!

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  3. i love the blue flowers!
    your hair is great

  4. Can I walk with you next time? So gorgeous!