Wednesday, 4 July 2012

June fashion favourites!

June has been an amazing month for fashion inspiration. 

From film premieres to various fashion events to celebrities looking chic and gorgeous in candid pictures, there were so many great style and make up looks to choose from!

Here are my top 5 looks of the month:

~ favourite event...

Now this should be titled 'events' because I couldn't narrow a particular one at all! favourite events were the Spiderman film premieres and press tour.  Emma Stone really looked amazing in every event, picking a variety of designers and colours

~ favourite couple...

This really leads on from the Spiderman press tour, as Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are definitely the couple that inspired me this month.  They truly are adorable together!

~ favourite glamorous look...

I've chosen Kate Bosworth here.  She looks stunning in a chic black dress paired with simple accessories and hairstyle.  Gorgeous!

~ favourite candid style...

How can you not fall in love with Kirsten Dunst in this 50's style bathing costume!

~  favourite make up look...

I love everything about the make up here on Michelle Williams.  It is perfect for a summer event!

                                                                  (all pics via Fashion Spot)
                                             Have you got any favourites from June?



  1. I just adore Emma Stone. She is sooo quirky and cute

  2. I absolutely ADORE emma stone! she is amazing. Love Michelle's makeup too xx

  3. I love Emma Stone...she looks good in everything!

  4. i love emma stone! her looks are definitely my favorites :)

    - lauren

  5. Kate's black dress is stunning, absolutely great outfit!
    Who wouldn't adore Emma's style...