Monday, 14 May 2012

my instagram life

Well the weather finally changed for us in Wales this weekend - blue skies, the sun was shining - it was perfect!  It was exactly the weather we needed after a horrible rainy April.

I spent the last few days relaxing with my fiance Tony, catching up with family and sorting out a few more things for the wedding. 

Here are some little pics I took on my phone and I wanted to share:

                                      (instagram name: angie_peanuts_pearls)

     ~ meet Charlie, the cat who pops into our office now and again for a cuddle!

                                          ~ starting a new book

                                       ~ you can't beat fresh strawberries for breakfast!

                                         ~  relaxing in the my garden = bliss

                                          ~  my new wedge shoes from Tesco

                                  ~ trying to catch up on Grey's Anatomy, I've missed so much!



  1. how amazing was the weather this weekend! it made me so happy.

    your weekend sounds amazing. grey's anatomy is my favourite show. i've seen every episode like 5 times haha.


  2. How cute is that cat? I wouldn't get any work done if he came into my work :)

    I need to catch up on Greys too, I'm years behind on that and a few other shows.

    Lisamello xx

  3. Grey's catch up going well so far...I'm loving sereis 5!

  4. My favorite thing to do these days is relax with a good book. I have two little boys so I need the escape at the end of the day!