Monday, 4 February 2013

Currently loving...February

Reading...  Just started to read Me Before You by Jojo Moyes.  I'm only a few pages in so not much to say on this book so far, but I've heard such good things about it so I am very excited to get cracking.

Watching... we watched Looper this weekend.  Amazing!  Although, I tend to love any film where Joseph Gordon-Levitt makes an appearance.

Buying... blouses, blouses and more blouses.  Thanks to inspiration via Lauren Conrad.


Loving... vanilla chai tea.  Many thanks to the Pukka tea brand for introducing me to this delightful flavour.

Wanting... to get my official wedding pictures up on my blog.  I will get round to it this month!

What are you loving this month?


  1. I am in love with lots of blouses too!! I saw Looper this week as well, in all honesty I wasnt blown away
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  2. LC looks fab! Can't wait to see you wedding photos :) xo

  3. I wish that I could pull of blouses like LC!

  4. i just watched looper a few weeks ago. loved it, well i mean i love anything that involves joseph gordon levitt, so this is no surprise haha

  5. This is such a cute post and now you showing me that pic of Lauren has inspired me to want to wear more blouses asap. I just heard about Looper and that it was a good one, can't wait to see your wedding pics too. I need some ideas. hehe


  6. Hey there twinny, guess what? I also love anything with JGL in, this gets spookier by the day :)

  7. I watched Looper recently too and I loved every minute! But I think that's just because I have a major crush on Joseph Gordon ;)
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