Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Wedding Wednesday: flowers

I'm visiting my florist this weekend in the hope of finally choosing my wedding bouquet, so this has got me thinking about the kind of flowers that I would love to have at my wedding.

Pinterest is my main source of inspiration here.  There are so many gorgeous pictures of bouquets to admire, I could spend hours just drooling over them!

...this cute daisy and rose bouquet certainly caught my eye did this simple bunch of white tulips

....or how about something a little bit different, like this bunch of white garden roses, gardenias, dusty miller, and grey Brazilian berries?

...I adore the pearls on this bouquet handle, such a lovely idea!

...last but not least, I could go for something with a more natural feel that includes gypsophila (or baby's breath) - just lovely!

There are so many lovely options, I'm actually really excited about this weekend and being able to decide on my bouquet....wish me luck!



  1. I'm looking at wedding flowers at the moment too! I really like anemones so I'm trying to add them into my bouquet!x

  2. I love the top one! So gorgeous. -Heidi

  3. Oooh pinterest is amazing for getting ideas and helping plan things like weddings and birthdays - I used it for Arthur's birthday. I love all these bouquets and I am sure whatever you go for it's going to be beautiful

    Laura x